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CoolSeal is designed for use with portable air conditioners where the exhaust hose is discharged through an awning window. This type of window is hinged at the top and when opened forms a triangular gap down each side of the sash. CoolSeal is designed to cover these side gaps which significantly reduces hot air from the outside entering your room. The window’s bottom opening is filled by the portable air conditioner’s window kit.

Harvey Norman
The Good Guys



1. Re-Install the window slide and mark the location of the top of the widow slide on the window sash.

2. Measure the distance from the top of the window sash to the mark on the sash and carefully cut the Cool Seal to size.

3. Open the awning window wide enough to allow easy access to the vertical sections of the window frame and remove the window slide.

4. Peel back 5cm of the adhesive backing cover and fold.

5. Position the Cool Seal so that it aligns with the mark on the bottom of the sash ensuring that the backing cover is facing inwards.

6. Once positioned, press the top of the Cool Seal firmly against the sash then ensuring that the rest of the Cool Seal is in position gently pull on the backing cover while applying gentle pressure to the Cool Seal.

7. Press the Cool Seal firmly against the sash to fix it in place.

8. Remove the inner adhesive backing cover and while slowly closing the window guide the Cool Seal into place against the window jamb. Note: the window will now not fully close.

9. It is recommended that the window be left almost closed to allow the Cool Seal to fully adhere to the window surfaces.

10. Open the window far enough to allow the installation of the window kit as per the manufacturer’s instructions, ensuring the slides extend under the Cool Seal.